Writing an English essay is an integral part of the current high school curriculum. A competent student needs to know how to write an English essay without any hassles. To achieve satisfactory grades and succeed academically, you need to learn more on the best English essay font to use. If stuck, seek help at centreluxomeudon.com and come up with decent and compelling English essays.

To come up with the best English essays, you have to know the best fonts that will fit your essay perfectly. Before writing your essay, understand what a font is and how to use them perfectly in an English essay. An English essay font is simply the interface used for letters in an essay paper or document.

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There are many fonts used in writing the best English essays. In fact, there are thousands of fonts to know. Each English essay font should serve a certain function. However, beware of certain fonts that are highly decorative as they are extremely difficult to read. It is always wise to keep the interests of your target audience in mind.

There are different English essay font types to know prior incorporating any of them in your English essay. They include the following:

  • Serif fonts

These are the widely used and the oldest font types. To differentiate serif fonts from the rest of writing fonts, look at the little tails and pixels added to some letters. Times New Roman is one of the high on demand and frequently used serif font.

Times New Roman is used in writing the best English essays because; it gives an essay a new look and makes it easy to read. Other common examples of serif fonts are Bodoni, Baskerville, Palatino, Garamond and Goudy Old style.

San serif fonts

San serif fonts are those font types that do not include serifs. The common types include Arial, Futura, Gill Sans, Verdana and Helvetica. These fonts can mainly be used in the body and title text of an essay. Nevertheless, it will all depend on the tutor’s instructions when writing the best English essays.

Other font types include fixed-width fonts such as Courier and Consolas. There are also the calligraphic and decorative fonts, and they include Webdings and Wingdings. Lastly, we have the Slap serif fonts, and they include Claredon and Rockwell.

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